Vocational Program Services

Our Vocational Program was just named Provider of the Year by Maryland Works!

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Mock interviews help prepare our clients for job interviews.

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Local businesses, such as Quinter Design, provide employment opportunities for our clients.

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Our Vocational Program was just named Provider of the Year by Maryland Works!

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“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”

- Rumi


In the Vocational Department at Cornerstone Montgomery, Inc., we believe that employment brings meaning to many people’s lives. Being employed can be especially essential for someone recovering from mental illness: it creates a sense of self-worth, a way to be a part of a larger community, and the income needed to become independent. That’s why our team of 33 employment specialists is dedicated to helping our 600 clients to find jobs that they like and provide supports that help them to keep these jobs. We love what we do, and we want to help our clients find something that they are passionate about too!


When someone signs up for services within the Vocational Department, they can expect:

  • One-on-one coaching with a Supported Employment Specialist to help determine skills, interests, and long term career goals

  • Help with creating a step-by-step plan to achieve employment-related goals

  • Help with developing resumes, writing the perfect cover letter, and filling out online applications

  • Support with community-based job search activities, such as going into business and speaking to a hiring manager, completing mock interviews with prominent members of the business community, or participating in  ‘job try-outs’ to get a feel for a specific job or industry

  • Benefits counseling to learn how work will impact publicly funded entitlements such as SSI or SSDI

  • On-site job coaching at the new position

  • Long-term support for keeping the job


We follow a model of Supported Employment called “Evidenced Based Practice” based on the following principles:

  1. Everyone can work- no one’s history excludes them from participating.

  2. Mental health treatment and supported employment services are integrated together.

  3. Competitive jobs (aka jobs anyone can apply for, not jobs ‘just’ for people with mental illness) are the goal.

  4. Job search begins right away.

  5. Our Employment Specialists network within the business community to find job leads for our clients.

  6. Supports are ongoing and time-unlimited.

  7. Client preferences are respected during every step in the process.

  8. Job supports are individualized and continue for as long as the client wants and needs the support.



  • Must have Medicaid (or an Uninsured Span if seeking employment only services); and be eligible for the Public Behavioral health system.

  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Must be currently in treatment with a therapist or psychiatrist

  • For our "Employment Focus Clusters" employment must be the primary goal, consumers can have other goals, but the must be limited in need

  • Must have a target diagnosis


If you (or someone you know) want Work to be the cornerstone of recovery, please join us in making that a reality!