Strategic Plan


Brighter strategies. Better process. Brighter results.

Our Strategic Planning Process:

Our comprehensive and inclusive strategic planning process began with conversations and data collection with our stakeholders, including focus groups and surveys with our clients, staff, and other key members of the Cornerstone Montgomery community. We asked them about our strengths, our problems, how they would like to see us grow, their trust in us, and our organizational culture. With the expertise of our consultant at Brighter Strategies and the Executive Management Team (EMT), we analyzed this data and identified key opportunities for the future that builds on our strengths and solve our problems.

Some of the key takeaways from those conversations included:

  • We are innovative, well respected, and willing to work with challenging clients.
  • We care for our staff and encourage their personal growth and health.
  • We need to continue our transparent communication.
  • We need to keep advocating for fiscal and policy changes and improvements at the county, state, and federal level.
  • We need to keep improving staff retention and professional growth with a DEI focus.
    We need to keep looking ahead to expansion and merger opportunities, including value based care.
  • We need to maintain and expand collaboration and partnerships.

Our result after two EMT retreats and a joint retreat with our Board of Directors is a revised Mission and Vision statement, revised Values that reflect our intention around diversity, equity, and inclusion, and five bold Goals articulating where we need to refocus our energy into the future. We were intentional in our strategic planning process to focus on big areas of change, rather than outlining the excellent work we do now that is core to our mission, and that we will continue to execute with the same level of vigor.


Bearers of hope, creating opportunities that help the people we serve have a meaningful life of their choosing


Empowering people living with mental health and substance use disorders to thrive in their community through collaboration, treatment, education and advocacy.

Our Values

  • We care for and respect the people we serve with all of their diverse life experiences.
  • We serve as allies in their self-directed recovery process
  • We offer an individualized continuum, of care including housing, day program, case management, crisis, employment and clinic services
  • We implement effective, evidence-based services that recognize diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • We provide expert knowledge of community-based resources
  • We value employers as partners in order to ensure that the people we serve find, get and keep jobs
  • We collaborate with other providers as part of integrating health and wellness
  • We lead a public advocacy program through educational activities, expert testimonials and government relations.


  • Diversify our revenue sources with profitable activities such as training programs for profit contracts/entities, new services, and new funders
  • Execute strategic mergers and acquisitions
  • Move to greater ownership of properties and fewer rentals
  • Position ourselves to implement value-based care.
  • Improve the overall utility and effectiveness of our resources, including buildings, cars, houses, and equipment
  • Improve environmental sustainability of our resources (e.g., implement recycling programs, smart system, energy efficient vehicles, and temperature control, etc.)
  • Expand our current programming and services in the region.
  • Increase support through individual donations, corporate giving, and grants


  • Review our recruiting and marketing materials including the website, to ensure they are welcoming to a diverse population (e.g., geography, culture, educational experience, socio-economic, multi-lingual, gender, sexual orientation)
  • Update our internal policies and procedures for inclusive and equitable language
  • Ensure our staff better reflects our clientele culturally at all levels


  • Create and reinforce a culture where staff can balance self-care and hitting their productivity targets
  • Identify, reward, and invest in high-potential staff
  • Promote and reinforce collaborations across departments that improve productivity and patient outcomes
  • Better communicate explanations of departments and staff responsibilities.


  • Improve somatic health outcomes as well as mental health through opening somatic care clinics and injection clinics
  • Improve the level of care offered by our staff by offering professional and new skill development through training, CEUs, new /professional development, and encouraging and tracking certifications
  • Add clinical outcome-oriented Key Performance Indicators to performance management.
  • Better leverage technology (e.g., AI, HIT, client apps) to improve and expand care


  • Improve partnerships with the following entities:
    • Pharmacies
    • Hospitals
    • Law enforcement
    • Mental health court
    • Special services such as forensic/geriatric/other specialties
    • Emergency services
    • Trade associations such as NAMI, CBH, National Council
  • Expand crisis services in collaboration with partners such as pharmacies, hospitals, and law enforcement
  • Enhance and expand partnerships with colleges and universities for recruitment of behavioral health professionals.
  • Partner with additional non-profits with a shared mission/agenda
  • Grow and further develop the volunteer program
  • Partner/collaborate with community employment services, local schools, housing programs to identity resources for our patients to better serve the whole person
  • Leverage our community presence through community groups such as County/State committees, Rotary clubs, and Chambers of Commerce