Language Accessibility

We are proud to serve one of Maryland’s most diverse counties and recognize importance of providing culturally competent services.  With more than 39 languages spoken in Montgomery County, we are able to offer live video on demand interpreting services to individuals in our care.  If you have language accessibility needs, please let us know so we can best serve you.

Cornerstone Montgomery has invested in video remote interpreting to better meet the needs of our limited English proficient, Deaf and hard of hearing consumers. The video remote interpreting has been developed specifically for healthcare providers in order to make sure it can seamlessly fit into our existing work flow, is intuitive and to make it easy for our staff to meet the language needs of the people we serve.

We Speak Your Language

With access to more than 500 languages, we simply select our client’s preferred language, and within seconds an interpreter is online to assist us.

Interpreters meet HIPAA compliance and are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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