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Cornerstone Montgomery’s full array of services are designed to give each person we serve the skills and support to live as independently in the community as possible.

Residential Rehabilitation Program

We are passionate about helping individuals live successfully in the community. Depending on the level of individual need, our Residential staff can provide assistance with transportation, cooking, medication monitoring, activities of daily living, and provide opportunities for increased socialization. Residential levels of assistance can range from sites staffed 24 hours a day to sites where staff provide support on a drop in basis.

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Community Based Services

Cornerstone Montgomery offers a variety of community based services (PRP) to support people so that they can live as independently as possible in their own homes. Services are delivered in the community and we meet 1-2 times a week depending on needs. Our community services include our Supportive Living, Permanent Supportive Housing, Montgomery County Case Management (MCCM) and Foundations Day Programs.

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Vocational Program

In the Vocational Department at Cornerstone Montgomery we believe that employment brings meaning to many people’s lives. Being employed can be especially essential for someone recovering from mental illness: it creates a sense of self-worth, a way to be a part of a larger community, and the income needed to become independent. That’s why our team of over 50 employment staff is dedicated to helping our over 500 clients to find jobs that they like and provide supports that help them to keep these jobs. We love what we do, and we want to help our clients find something that they are passionate about too!

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Young Adult Services

Cornerstone Montgomery has several young adult teams, which combine to form the Transition Age Youth (TAY) program. Each team has different specialties to help young adults with mental health concerns reach their future goals. Our vocational teams help individuals identify career goals and pursue employment opportunities that excite them, and people are eligible to apply as early as the second semester of their junior year of high school. Our residential and supported living programs offer residential services and community psychiatric rehabilitation services for individuals that don’t want to work immediately, but do have other goals related to their independence or mental health.

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Studio In-Sight

Artistic vision comes from many points of view. Everyone needs a place to create. Studio In-Sight aims to bring space and inspiration to artists who may be outside the mainstream. The studio is dedicated to artists who want to work as artists. Studio In-Sight provides a space where art can happen in a safe and nurturing environment. Opportunities to share what is created for the benefit of the artists and for the community are explored regularly. Specially trained staff support and provide guidance as needed.

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Cornerstone Montgomery’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinics provide a full range of mental health, psychiatric and therapeutic treatment services. Our clinics serve members of our Psychiatric and Residential Rehabilitation programs as well as members of the community. Our clinics are located in Bethesda, Silver Spring and Rockville, and have the capacity to serve 1,650 individuals annually.

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Residential Crisis

For individuals experiencing increased symptoms of a mental health disorder, Cornerstone Montgomery offers Residential Crisis Services. These services are community based, alternatives to inpatient hospitalization. Our Residential Crisis programs are located in suburban single-family neighborhoods and offer 24-hour staff supervision and support. The length of stay averages 10 days. Our Residential Crisis Service Program is the largest alternative to inpatient psychiatric hospitalization in Montgomery County.

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Assertive Community Treatment

Cornerstone Montgomery’s Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program is a multidisciplinary mobile treatment approach to serving clients living with behavioral health disorders. Crisis Management is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All clients have access to a prescriber who provides: assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Most clients served by the ACT team have a history of multiple inpatient hospital stays and are diagnosed with a co-occurring condition in addition to their mental health diagnosis. We use a person centered approach to treatment planning and collaboration.

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Integrated Health

Our Integrated Health program focuses on individuals with behavioral health needs who are at high risk for additional chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. These services are open to all participants in our Residential and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs.

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Now Serving Southern Maryland

Cornerstone Southern Maryland, formerly known as Southern Maryland Community Network, has officially joined Cornerstone Montgomery! Learn more about the services being offered at our four new locations across southern Maryland.

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