Frequently Asked Questions

The Transition Age Youth (TAY) programs help young adults with mental health concerns reach their goals. Cornerstone Montgomery offers two TAY programs: Career Transition Program & Career Academic Psych-rehab Service.

  • Both programs support young adults as they transition to independence.
  • Both programs help identify goals and take action steps towards achieving those goals.
  • Both programs focus on personal employment, education, and career exploration goals.
  • Both programs offer a unique combination of mental health and vocational supports.
  • Both programs work on identifying and overcoming barriers, answering questions, obtaining resource linkages, and maintain mental health and community supports.
  • Support is continuous and ongoing. Additional services are identified based on need.

  • Participants and counselors form a team to take steps toward their goals.
  • Both programs structure weekly, one hour meetings with a counselor. (3-4 meetings/month)
  • Meetings take place at an agreed upon location depending on agenda and need.

Both programs are funded through the state of Maryland Public Behavioral Health System (PBHS) and the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS), with no direct cost to you. In order to qualify you must be willing to APPLY to Medical Assistance. See eligibility guide.

The Career Transition Program (CTP) is a short-term Supported Employment program offering transition services to graduating high school seniors, and second semester juniors. CTP generally works with a young adult as they transition out of high school to their next step: college, a vocational training program, and/or work. A participant works with a Career Transition Specialist.

The Career Academic Psych-rehab Service (CAPS) is a long-term Supported Employment and Psychiatric Rehabilitation program for young adults 18-25 years old. CAPS will partner with a young adult as long as the services are needed, up until the age of 25. At 25, adult specific services are identified based on need. A participant works with two counselors: Rehabilitation Coordinator and Supported Employment Specialist.

We schedule all meetings through the young person to help them begin to assert themselves as an adult. With written permission, we coordinate with important supports: therapist, psychiatrist, family/friends, educators/advisers, employers, etc. once per month so the team can be working collaboratively. We are required to meet a clinical provider in person once every six months. We work closely with all individuals in the support system to coordinate services and successful outcomes with a focus on promoting independence.

Please submit an application so we can help determine eligibility. Once you submit an application, we will contact you to let you know if you are eligible for the program and give you an estimate of your start date. At the appropriate time, we will set up an interview with you to gather background information and complete necessary paperwork. Once our intake interviews are complete, you will be assigned a counselor to work with you individually in the community.