How to be a Mental Health Guardian

Guardianship is a legal process consisting of a court-appointed relationship between a competent adult and a person over the age of eighteen whose dis-ability renders him/her unable to make an informed decision or at risk of doing harm to self or others due to an inability to manage his/her own affairs. The incapacitating disability may be caused by mental illness, developmental disability, aging or other factors. A guardian is defined as a person who has been entrusted by the Surrogate Court with the care of another person, for the person's property, or for the care of both person and property.

The attached document is an overview of the legal responsibilities, duties, powers, etc of a guardian.  

NAMI NY also has a useful guide on their website.

How to find out if someone is still in jail

If you need to find out if someone is still in jail you can call the jail records department (24/7/365). Their number is 240 777-9732. It’s public info, so no HIPAA violations!

ID/Birth Certificate Reimbursement


The purpose of the Homeless ID Contract is to assist individuals experiencing homelessness in obtaining birth certificates (BC) and/or Maryland State IDs. The contract is able to reimburse providers in the County for the cost of the BC and/or ID by completing the attached form and submitting it to EveryMind.

Clients must be age 18 and older, homeless or at imminent risk of homelessnessApplications and requests for reimbursement must be submitted with a self-statement for Documentation of Homelessness and the receipt documenting payment.

Application-Reimbursement Request Form

Self-Statement for Documentation of Homelessness Form

Contact Betsy Bowman 301.424.0656 x506

Maryland Legal Aid

Maryland Legal Aid Services are provided at all 3 of our hubs.  Appointments with paralegal Ms. Milla-Orridge can be made with front desk staff. Please give the front desk staff basic information so that the paralegal is prepared to meet with them. We will need name, contact info, and a paragraph explaining their reason for visit (this will need to be provided by the Friday prior to your Tuesday appointment).   Helping your client to complete the attached application and then returning it to the admin at the site where they will have their appointment helps streamline their meeting.

Legal Aid cannot provide services for criminal cases such as: -Assault. -Battery -False Imprisonment -Kidnapping -Homicide – crimes such as first and second degree, murder, and involuntary manslaughter, and vehicular homicide. -Rape, statutory rape, sexual assault and other offenses of a sexual nature. -Property Theft  -Drugs Distribution or for undocumented cases. If clients have grievances with Cornerstone Montgomery, Ms. Milla-Orridge will let them know that as a partner organization, they cannot represent them against us and will offer them a copy of our Grievance Procedure and/or referral to another attorney if appr