Housing Opportunities Commission (HOC)

“opportunity housing” to persons of eligible income as determined by the County Executive through regulation. 

Clients can apply any time. Income based.Clients are able to select where they want to live. http://www.hocmc.org 

Housing Options

There are a variety of housing programs for people who have been homeless.  Most of them have staffing on site and/or case management requirements.  All of them require rent based upon your income and probably have a waiting list.  You can apply for these programs directly.  These include: Safe Havens – Various houses located around the county for both men and women.  It is considered transitional housing for up to two years.  Staffed 24 hours.  301-217-0314 Bethesda House – located in Bethesda, this house is for homeless men.  It is considered transitional housing for up to two year.  Staffed 24 hours.   301-907-9597 Watkins Mill House – located in Gaithersburg, this house is for homeless women.  It is considered transitional housing for up to two years.  Staffed 24 hours.  301-444-3355 Horizon House – located in Silver Spring, this house is for homeless women.  It is considered transitional housing for up to two years.  301-762-8682 Seneca Heights Apartments – Permanent apartments for single adults and transitional apartments for families (6 – 9 months).   301-217-0314 Shelter Plus Care – Apartments for people with disabilities and homelessness.  301-424-0656

Apartment Complexes that are exclusively for individuals with special needs include:

Inwood House is a low income apartments for persons with disabilities in Silver Spring.  Rent is 30% of your income.  There is a waiting list for this program.  301-649-6596

Hughes Neighborhood Housing provides low income apartments for persons with disabilities in Wheaton.  There is a waiting list for this program.   301-949-2890

Housing Unlimited Inc. (HUI)

Housing Unlimited Inc. (HUI) provides affordable, independent housing for adults with psychiatric disabilities in Montgomery County

Provides shared housing- single family, 2 bedroom apartments, 3-5 bedroom town houses and single family homes to qualified individuals.  Rent is computed on a sliding scaled based on income (38%)and is capped.

Tenants are responsible for their own health, finances, interpersonal relationships, and maintaining a clean home. 

Currently has an average of 2 year waiting list.  http://www.housingunlimited.org 


HUD811 assists the lowest income people with significant and long-term disabilities to live independently in the community by providing affordable housing linked with voluntary services and supports.

Limited to 150 units for the state of Maryland.


Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU)

Offers affordable rents at a number of MPDU apartment complexes located throughout the County.

Persons interested in the MPDU rental program must apply directly to the MPDU complex of their choice. The management companies at these complexes will provide an application, verify income and credit history, and determine eligibility or ineligibility to rent an MPDU apartment.

Has minimum and maximum income requirements. 

Visit this website for eligibility requirements and this website for a list of MPDU rental apartments.

Rental Assistance Program (RAP)

The Rental Assistance Program is a Montgomery County funded program to help low-income households meet their monthly rental expenses.  Assistance is available to legal residents who are disabled, elderly or households of two or more.  There is currently a wait-list.

Provides$50 to $200 per month towards their rental costs.

Visit their website to apply.

Rockville Housing Enterprises

Maintains 105 housing units for residents of Rockville, administers 414 units in its Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program and owns and operates 56 units of Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) affordable housing.

Owns and operates 4 other affordable housing units in King Farm and Fallsgrove neighborhoods.



If you have a client who is homeless, or about to be homeless, they can be referred to a Montgomery County shelter system if they are a resident of MC.   All clients will need a completed Housing Assessment Tool (HAT) which all MC shelters require.  The HAT needs to be completed by the referral source.  Please call shelter you would like to refer client to confirm who to send it to.  Some prefer the HAT to be e-mailed.   Homelessness Assessment Tool Updated HAT Guidelines help walk you through how to complete the form. Shelters & Referral Process is a description of current shelters & contact information.  It is always best to call first to check the most current process of referring a client.   

MC Housing Programs Summary provides an overview of the requirements for each program.

Other Shelter Referral Agencies provides information about programs other than Cornerstone Montgomery that can refer a client to a shelter.

FY18 Overflow Shelter Referral Emergency Shelter Referral Form

For information on shelter referrals visit the post on the Montgomery County Crisis Center.

FY18 Overflow Shelter Referral

Homelessness Assessment Tool Revised April 2011

MC Housing Programs Summary

Other Shelter Referral Agencies

Shelter and Housing Programs July 2011

Shelter and Referral Process