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Surgeon General Report


Addiction is a serious health issue. More adults are dying of opioid overdose than car accidents - almost 80 people a day.  One in seven Americans experience an addiction in their lifetime, and even more will misuse substances. Studies show that at least 50% of people with mental health disorders will have a co-occurring substance use disorder. People with addiction are more likely to have other medical disorders such as heart disease, become homeless, and get involved in the legal system. Addiction costs our nation $442 billion annually in health care costs, lost productivity and criminal justice costs but has never had parity with other health conditions - just like mental health disorders. 
The Surgeon General released his report on substance use - the first of its kind. This report is an opportunity for us to reduce stigma, encourage successful treatment, and support recovery.  Addiction does not discriminate. It is not a social or moral problem. It is a disease and must be addressed by everyone in the health system. 

At Cornerstone Montgomery we will continue to provide treatment for people who have both mental health and substance use disorders.  We will help them with their recovery goals using evidence based treatment.  We must engage our colleagues in primary care to pay attention to substance misuse and intervene early – and to strengthen our relationships to ensure effective referrals.   We must continue to advocate for addiction to receive the same focus, coverage and determination that Americans give to diabetes, heart disease or cancer.


North Potomac Times
June 2016


Cornerstone Montgomery's programs and services are highlighted in the June issue of the North Potomac Times

Voice of America


Cornerstone Montgomery COO, Elizabeth Guroff, a parent of two Cornerstone Montgomery clients, and staff of our Transition Aged Youth Programs are featured in this episode of Voice of America - the audio is in Urdu.