Capital Campaign

The Shortest Path to a Better Life begins at #2 Taft Court

Final Stretch!

The “Shortest Path to a Better Life" coordinates safety-net services to residents of Montgomery County. The women residing in the shelter who have need for mental health and/or substance use treatment or primary care/dental services now have access to Cornerstone Montgomery’s full suite of comprehensive behavioral health services and CCI Health & Wellness’ primary care and dental services. The availability of these services will have an immeasurable impact on individuals like Sophie who is currently being served at the Women’s Shelter and Cornerstone Montgomery.

Sophie, who struggles with bi-polar disorder, works part time at a local grocery store. She recently became homeless and is living at the Interfaith Works Wilkins Avenue Women’s Shelter. Getting treatment and maintaining employment is a huge challenge. Traveling from the shelter to her psychiatrist’s office is 50 minutes utilizing public transportation. Infrequent bus services means Sophie must leave the shelter 90 minutes prior to her appointment which is less than 5 miles away! Because she has limited time off from her job, Sophie feels pressure to choose between going to work and keeping her mental health appointments. Because she wants to live more independently soon, Sophie is saving money for a security deposit on an apartment and often chooses to work rather than attend to her mental health. The Shortest Path to a Better Life program is making a big difference in her quality of life by bringing all of Sophie’s providers under one roof. She also has access to primary health and dental services on-site.  With this project, Sophie no longer has to choose between her mental health and her job!

This $8 million major building renovation project is the hub for revolutionized service delivery to vulnerable residents of Rockville and the surrounding communities, providing them with integrated, accessible services. This unique collaboration among three leading non-profits – Cornerstone Montgomery, CCI Health & Wellness and Interfaith Works - provides:

  • Streamlined access to and coordination of medical, dental, behavioral health and shelter services

  • Improved service delivery and increased ability to serve more people who desperately need it

  • Reduced costs to taxpayers through the reduction of emergency room visits, court appointments and jail time

By offering enhanced integration of mental health services, primary health care and shelter services in an accessible, safe setting optimized for vulnerable individuals we expect to see:

  • 40% decrease in waiting time for services

  • 30% increase in symptom management and wellness

  • 30% decrease in expensive hospitalizations and Emergency Room visits

  • 25% increase in community involvement for the individuals served

People will recover their lives and obtain stable employment more quickly and ultimately gain stable housing through:

  • Early treatment planning and intervention

  • Implementation of medication support services for those in need

  • Increased collaboration between providers in a culturally sensitive and evidence based model