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Southport Hub Renovation

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Since 1971, we have had the privilege to play a role in the recovery for tens of thousands of people.  In 2017, with your support, we purchased and renovated our Hub in Rockville.  Now, as we look forward to celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2021, we will renovate our Hub in Bethesda, Maryland, adding to our cutting-edge programs and services.

Continuing to Serve People in Need at Southport

In order for Cornerstone Montgomery to maintain its standing as the largest provider of mental health services in Montgomery County, Maryland, our former headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, the Southport Hub, must be renovated. Our 14,700 square foot location at 6040 Southport Drive was built in 1992 to help people with serious mental illness transition out of State hospitals in the community. Since that time, our agency has grown significantly to include a large continuum of services for adults with mental illness and co-occurring disorders.

The space in our administrative and programming building no longer meets our clients or programs’ needs. At the same time, we are moving our agency to being more trauma-informed in our overall treatment of our clients and find that the current design and flow of space in the building can be traumatizing for our clients. Through this redesign, beginning in Fiscal Year 2020, we will implement Trauma-Informed Care principles to allow for a more healing, supportive, collaborative and welcoming space to help our clients recover in a more soothing and productive way.  


Currently, the Southport Hub is a central location to nearly 600 clients annually.   By renovating and improving this facility, we will increase treatment space to serve at least 100 more clients each year and achieve greater functionality and cost-efficiencies through:

  • Upgraded structures and facilities;

  • Trauma-informed client treatment and meeting spaces;

  • Accessible restrooms and elevator; and

  • New flooring to prevent falls.


Services offered, and to be expanded, at the Southport Hub include:


Outpatient Mental Health Center:

A full range of behavioral health, psychiatric and therapeutic treatment services including a variety of evidence-based practices Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), is intended for people whose emotions create major problems in their lives, and who express them in destructive ways.


Vocational Services:

Evidence-Based Support Employment program that helps people recovering from mental health and substance use disorders choose, find and keep employment.  We have more than 300 employment partners throughout Montgomery County.


Supported Living:

Comprehensive and individualized supports for people living in their own housing, with family or friends or with another non-profit.

Case Management:

Housing related services and supports for individuals not otherwise eligible in the public behavioral health system.


Day Programs:

Daily living skills training through a variety of four- and eight-week seminars as well as individual coaching to build confidence and proficiency in all phases of daily life.


Studio In-Sight:

Artists learning to become working artists or who are currently achieving their goal of financial stability through their work as artists.  Weekly classes are offered at the Southport Hub as well as in Rockville and Silver Spring.

The Southport Hub’s wraparound approach is designed to provide the comprehensive support Cornerstone Montgomery’s clients require. Cornerstone Montgomery provides this critical link between mental healthcare management and treatment and our clients’ ability to move towards self-sufficiency, out of poverty and to overcome their challenges.  

To learn more about this important project, contact or call 240-614-4266.

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