Who We Are:
Cornerstone Montgomery is an independent, nonsectarian, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with the capacity to serve more than 2,500 adults and transition aged youth.  We specialize in the provision of comprehensive, community- and evidence-based mental health and co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder treatments and interventions.

Our Mission:
Empowering people living with mental health and substance use disorders to thrive in their community through collaboration, treatment, education and advocacy.

Our Vision:
Bearers of hope, creating opportunities that help the people we serve have a meaningful life of their choosing.

Our Values:

Cornerstone Montgomery envisions that each person we serve will have a meaningful life of their choosing.  A stronger community requires that every member have the same opportunity to live, work and integrate successfully within it.

  • We care for and respect the people we serve with all of their diverse life experiences.

  • We serve as allies in their self-directed recovery process.

  • We offer an individualized continuum, of care including housing, day program, case management, crisis, employment and clinic services.

  • We implement effective, evidence-based services that recognize diversity equity and inclusion.

  • We provide expert knowledge of community based resources.

  • We value employers as partners in order to ensure that the people we serve find, get and keep jobs.

  • We collaborate with other providers as part of integrating health and wellness.

  • We lead a public advocacy program through educational activities, expert testimonials and government relations.